Independent project, 2016


Special Thanks to:
Chema PĂ©rez
Ree Barthels

This is an expansion on the project where I designed a cover for a lower-limb prosthesis. I wanted to be able to quickly create a clean 3D model of a lower-limb below the knee, based on a few basic measurements of width, depth and height.

In the process I analysed 3D scans in layered sections to discover the basic geometric shapes and their relation that approach the natural shape of a leg. From this I build an algorithm that calculates and draws the shapes based on input from a few measurements of any person’s lower-limb.

The measurements can also be adjusted so the model will fit around a prosthesis, and can be ‘redesigned’ to create a preferred shape. The resulting clean 3D model can be used for creating templates that allows artisans to craft unique covers, as will be shown in another project post.